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2 Week Supply - 12 Bottles

Unleash your inner power with this 2-week supply of our fermented beet juice and you'll experience the benefits of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. Just take at least one bottle daily (of course, you can always drink more) - half of the bottle in the morning, and half of the bottle in the late afternoon. Our fermented beet juice will help you experience the "super" enhanced benefits brought on by our natural fermentation process using locally sourced organic beets and artesian well water. We use natural artesian water, mineralized deep in the aquifiers below the mountains of the cascade range in Washington state. We then add a splash of organic, volcanic soil, Italian lemon juice and locally grown organic beets. The beets are washed and added to the water at their peak of freshness for maximum nitrate release. After 5 to 7 days in a controlled temperature environment, the mix is tested and bottled per individual order. Published clinical trials prove that this is the most important active ingredient in ANY beverage on the market today!!

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